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About Me.

James Murphy is a Northern Irish writer working within the genre of Crime Fiction. He is best known for his Belfast based Farset Investigations detective series though he has recently released, Write Me A Murder, the first of a new series of psychological thrillers featuring investigative psychologist, Dr. Carolyn Harkin. He also teaches crime fiction writing classes and is an active member of the Crime Writers Association both as Master Convenor of the Irish Chapter and as Library Champion for Northern Ireland.
James holds directorship of Merlin Arts CIC and The Northern Ireland Festival of Writing, where he and his co-founders work to improve the lives of others through the power of writing.
He is also the host of the hugely successful podcast, A Life Of Crime (Writing) with James Murphy, and the popular radio show, Crime Scene with James Murphy on Belfast 247.
He is currently working on the second Dr. Carolyn Harkin novel, How To Be Dead, which is due for release in Dec 2024.

Write Me A Murder

They each have a story to tell. One of them is a killer. 

When the lines between reality and fiction become blurred, the results can be deadly. 

An escape from the trauma of her recent past heralds the beginning of a new life for Investigative Psychologist, Dr Carolyn Harkin. 

With a burgeoning career as a bestselling crime fiction author, a consulting role with the police service and taking ownership of the legendary Langford Villa and Uther, its Irish Wolfhound guardian, everything is finally on track.

Until she’s offered the chance to tutor a writing class in the nearby Clotsworthy House.

There, two strangers have stories to tell, each sharing a dark connection to her past. As her old cases become the subject of one man’s ‘fiction’,the other’s work reconnects her with a teenage crush who may not be what he seems. 

Now, she must navigate the new chapters of her life as they intertwine with two dangerous adversaries bringing her face to face with the ghosts of her past and threatening to be her own unravelling.


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