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Every Day's A School Day & Joining The Crime Family

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Despite the Teacher part of me being on a well deserved holiday, the Summer so far has been a busy, learning experience for me, developing my writing. Firstly there was my guest blog in Louise Phillips' Crime Scene blog on I'd never guest blogged before so there was a bit of learning on the job to be done. I think it turned out well but you can judge for yourself below:


Then of course there was my radio interview with Sharon Thompson. This was primarily to promote, The Terror Within, but from getting to know Sharon and her work in developing and supporting writers through her online writers group since then, I've joined in on several of Sharon's online courses, each of which was very beneficial and I learned a lot, as well as making new friends and connections. Check out Sharon's website


The Summer so far has also proved fantastic for new book releases, three of which have been accelerated to the top of my TBR pile:

Lost You by Haylen Beck (Stuart Neville)

The Hiding Game by Louise Phillips.

The Chain by Adrian Mc Kinty.

I've also just recently finished and reviewed Bongo Fury, a series of three novellas packaged into one publication with an accompanying soundtrack, by Simon Maltman. An excellent book and cd, well worth checking out.

There has been no shortage of excellent book and Crime Fiction related events happening across the Summer, and with more to come, I will be as busy and entertained as ever...oh, and in breaking news, I will hopefully get to make a start on the final Terror book this month!!

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