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The Merlin Project announces NI Festival of Writing

So in my last post I mentioned that I would be working with The Merlin Project quite a bit this year and that I would talk more about it at a later stage. Well here goes...

Towards the end of last year Tina Calder, Janine Cobain and I set up a not for profit organisation called The Merlin Project. Developed in conjunction with Excalibur Press, we as Directors of the Organisation will be making it our mission to engage with, empower and educate writers all across Northern Ireland to be the best they can be and to inspire, motivate and encourage them to "unleash the power of their story". This will be done through a range of events including workshops and training opportunities and through working with schools, charities and various other groups.

Never known to do things by halves, we kicked off 2019 with the announcement that we will be facilitating the NI Festival of Writing in the Spring of this year, Northern Ireland’s first festival of its kind. I’ll post another blog on the programme for the festival at a later date, but for now, if you would like to attend or perhaps even take part, check us out on

That was closely followed by a training workshop which allowed a large group of primary school children in the North West, to develop their communication skills through the mediums of story telling and blogging.

I’m happy to report that this event, the first of many, was a huge success with fantastic feedback and lots of happy kids left eagerly anticipating our return 😊

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